Wildly Beautiful Flowers Workshops

Seasonal Floristry Workshops run by Toria Britten throughout the year, in the countryside outside Bristol.

" The whole afternoon exceeded my expectations and I am amazed at what we created under your expert guidance. Buzzing with ideas now! Lovely refreshments and just a very relaxing, creative afternoon. "  


Workshops are held in my Studio here on the farm in North Somerset and details of a new two day workshop 

in July this year will be added to the website soon.  If you are a subscriber you will be the first to know all about it!  In addition to this workshop, there will be several new workshops added for 2022 in the next few weeks.


There is always more to learn and that is why I am constantly seeking to know more, experiment and understand new ways of creating with flowers. To spend time with fellow flower creatives on workshops is something that is so important to me, to share knowledge, explore new ideas and be able to share these with everyone who comes here to attend a workshop.


In addition to these classes, I offer 1-2-1s or 1-2-2s  if you would like a bespoke day – these days are limited to just a few a year and offer you a chance to spend a day here in the beautiful Somerset countryside, learning how to choose your palette, selecting your flowers and foliage, discussing business ideas, foam free mechanics and creating art with flowers. It will also include a delicious lunch and all materials.