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Large Scale Urn workshop - 18th June 2024

Tuesday 18th June 2024

Venue – our beautiful parish Church of St Michael and All Angels, Butcombe. BS40 7UX

9.30am – 4.00pm

Are you daunted by creating large scale arrangements, not sure where to start, what flowers and foliage to choose to achieve the look you have in your head? Or you may be an experienced florist who would like to feel more comfortable with using floral foam-free mechanics and to develop a more natural style.   Join me for this one-day large scale urn workshop and become confident and inspired.

I have a fabulous day planned for this workshop and am offering different options to make it accessible for those of you just starting out, please get in touch to discover these options They range from all inclusive to bringing all your own materials.

We will start with a session on colour, texture, composition and design, an important part of any successful arrangement, whether it is small or large scale. I will talk about the different mechanics you could use and designs, flower shapes and foliage selection. There will be support throughout the day to help you find your own unique style and become confident in what you are creating.

After I have demonstrated how I create my large-scale urn arrangements, we will move on to the afternoon where you will be creating your own, using fabulous flowers and a wide variety of foliage from my cutting patch.

A beautiful urn will be yours to keep, complete with mechanics to make your own unique arrangement following my demo.  All materials, refreshments and lunch are included for this special day. 

To be able to give you all the support you need this day will be limited to six people. Suitable for beginners and the more experienced



Wildly Beautiful Totally inclusive                                                  £325.00

A beautiful urn will be yours to create your large scale arrangement in and take home at the end of the workshop. All flowers and foliage, mechanics, refreshments and lunch are included in this package


Bring your own urn                                                                          £285.00

If you would like to bring your urn to use during the day

This will include everything else you will need to create a beautiful large scale urn arrangement (please send pic of your urn and size) If you would like to use one of my urns and take your arrangement out at the end of the day that is another option at this price


Flowers & foliage supplied by you                                              £265.00

This will include the beautiful urn for you to take home at the end of the day.  I will send you a list of flowers and foliage for you to bring.


Bring it all!                                                                                              £225.00


If you would like to book any of the special options please email me and I can quickly invoice you.   Only the Totally Inclusive option can be booked here.   Too confusing otherwise! 

Large Scale Urn workshop - 18th June 2024

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