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My Floral affair - by Rachel Ashwell

Rachel Ashwell’s book ‘My Floral Affair’ is the story of her fabulous journey capturing the beauty of  flowers throughout Northern Europe and the USA, in the most beautiful settings.  Here are a few of my photographs of how my flowers appeared in print – what a wonderful moment when the book arrived and I re-lived that 4am morning drive over the Mendips to Babington House.  With guests coming and going, late evening and early morning was the time to set up, particularly as we had a couple of those beautiful, but incredibly hot, Summer days that only the English weather could surprise us with!

......‘To Toria Britten for opening me up to a new understanding of flower designs, that within order there can still be free form and a unique beauty’  to read this in Rachel’s Acknowledgements was a really special moment. 

‘Due to the imminent arrival of a guest, Toria brilliantly put this display together in just five minutes’  - this refers to an arrangement in the Cabin by the Lake, I was really worried how this urn was going to look in print and was very glad that Rachel mentioned it, but I needn’t have worried – it looks a little crazy but it works!

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